YouTube Tag Generator

Optimise Your Videos for YouTube Search

The King SEO Tools YouTube Tag Generator is a free SEO tool that allows you to easily generate optimised YouTube tags & keywords for your YouTube Video. 

For best results enter two or more topical words (such as "SEO Tools") and your language and within seconds our research tool will return SEO friendly and optimised tags. We advise that you do this a few times with variations of your topic / subject matter to ensure that you don't just add a few keywords but you use the maximum number possible and are the most SEO friendly and most rankable in YouTube and Google Search.

Grif Smith

SEO Developer

I'm Grif, Welcome to King SEO Tools - built on a app I bought I've expanded the toolset to include more SEO tools and include features I think website owners and business owners want. This is just a hobby - ads support this site.